Mooka Air Purifier: Discover the Health Benefits

Mooka air purifier is intended to further develop indoor air quality by eliminating poisons and allergens. It utilizes a blend of channels and innovations to accomplish this objective.

Mooka Air Purifier for Cleaner Homes

Mooka is a brand that offers different models of air purifiers for various room sizes and needs. They use H13 genuine HEPA channels and different innovations to eliminate dust dust, smoke, scent, pet dander, and other airborne foreign substances from the air. A portion of their highlights incorporate a night light, clock, youngster lock, scent wipe, and air quality sensor

Mooka Air Purifier

Mooka Air Purifier h13

The principal channel is the H13 genuine HEPA channel, which can catch 99.97% of particles as little as 0.3 microns, like residue, dust, pet dander, smoke, and bacteria1. This channel likewise has an actuated carbon layer that can ingest smells and unstable natural mixtures (VOCs) from the air.

Advanced Features:

Some mooka air purifiers also have additional features, such as:

Ionic and UV-C sanitizer: This component can produce negative particles and bright light to kill microbes and infections in the air3.

Parfum sponge: You can enjoy a pleasant aroma in your room by adding your favorite perfume or essential oil to the air purifier using this feature.

Air quality sensor: This component can screen the constant air quality and change the fan speed as needed to save energy and guarantee ideal execution.

Light at night: This component can give a delicate and relieving light to your room or nursery.

Timer: This component can set the air purifier to run for a particular time frame, like 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours.

Child lock: This element can forestall accidental changes to the settings by youngsters or pets.

The Mooka air purifier can clean rooms from 300 square feet to 2000 square feet in size, depending on the model and size. You can pick the one that suits your requirements and financial plan.

mooka air purifier

Mooka Air Purifier Reviews.

Some reviews say that Mooka air purifier is good, quiet, simple to use, and affordable. Notwithstanding, a few clients disapprove of the sturdiness, client care, and substitution channels

  • As indicated by the web query items, mooka air purifier has generally gotten certain input from clients who have bought and utilized it. Here are a portion of the normal subjects and conclusions from the reviews:
  • Mooka air purifier successfully eliminates dust, dust, smoke, smell, and other contamination from the air.
  • Mooka air purifier is quiet, Particularly when operating at low and medium fan speeds.
  • Mooka air purifier with basic controls and pointers is not difficult to use.
  • Mooka air purifier is reasonable, contrasted with different brands and models with comparative highlights and execution.
  • It has a few extra elements that clients appreciate, for example, night light, clock, kid lock, scent wipe, and air quality sensor.
  • Be that as it may, a few clients have likewise detailed a few issues and disadvantages with Mooka air purifier, for example, On high fan speeds, Mooka air purifier makes a lot of noise.
  • It is not entirely sturdy and may separate or break down following a couple of long periods of purpose.
  • It may not honor the warranty or supply replacement filters; its customer service is subpar.
  • Mooka air purifier may not be reasonable for exceptionally huge rooms or weighty smokers


Mooka air purifier appear to has a decent standing among clients who are searching for a spending plan well disposed and powerful air purifier for their home or office. Nonetheless, consider the possible issues and restrictions of mooka air purifiers prior to settling on a buy choice. This rundown assists you with finding out about what Mooka air purifiers can offer.


Are Mooka air purifier safe?

California Air Assets Board has ensured the Mooka EPI810 air purifier is 100 percent Without Ozone and is accessible to California inhabitants to guarantee your well-being. Depending on how frequently you use it and the level of pollution in the air, it is recommended that the filter be changed every three to six months.

How long do Mooka filters last?

Utilize the official MOOKA channel to accomplish maximized execution. Prescribed to supplant channel at regular intervals. In the event that it is frequently utilized in a truly contaminated region, think about supplanting the channel sooner.

Who owns Mooka?

Well… MOOKA Rum was established in 2022 by Lebogang Mooka. The pioneer and brand proprietor concedes, “I at first needed to begin a brand of gin; however, following a couple of long stretches of doing a few explorations and testing different rum brands, I experienced passionate feelings for Rum.

Can you wash MOOKA filters?

The filter is Non-washeble yet can be cleaner by cleaning with a dry fabric or vacuum. A plastic sack envelops the new channel. Kindly try to eliminate the plastic sack before use.

Is Mooka air purifier Ozone free?

100% Ozone free air cleaner. 13W evaluated power utilizes little energy in any event while being utilized 24 hours every day. Wide Applications: Perfect for smokers, pet proprietors, infants, kids, the older, or anybody needing to further develop indoor air quality.

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