ihome Robot Vacuum: A Smart Cleaning Solution for Modern Homes

Change your home cleaning with the ihome robot vacuum, a wonder of present-day innovation intended to make your life simpler. With its smooth plan and strong execution, this robot vacuum and mop is a definitive ally for keeping up with flawless floors. The ihome robot vacuum is a high-level mechanical vacuum cleaner intended to clean your floors effectively. With a press of a button, the ihome robot vacuum starts cleaning your floors line by column perfectly and productively, guaranteeing it misses no regions.

ihome robot vacuum models

Here are some iHome robot vacuum models:

iHome AutoVac Nova Pro:

iHome AutoVac Nova Pro

We should plunge into the iHome AutoVac Nova Pro, a strong robot vacuum and mop combo that guarantees effective cleaning. It is the very thing you want to be aware of:

LIDAR Navigation: The Nova  Pro purposes progressed LIDAR route innovation. It makes a virtual model of your living space progressively, permitting exact planning and effective cleaning. No more catching furnishings or missing spots!

Selective Room Cleaning & No-Go Zones: Alter your tidying experience by setting up unambiguous zones or keeping away from specific regions. Whether it’s the children’s den or fragile carpets, the Nova Expert adjusts to your requirements.

2700pa Strong Suction: With an incredible 2700pa pull power, this vacuum handles soil, pet hair, and trash on both hard floors and covers. Express farewell to obstinate wrecks!

App Control: Deal with your Nova Pro easily through the iHome Clean Application. Plan cleanings, change settings, and screen it’s encouraging — all from your cell phone.

Self-Emptying Base: The docking station serves as a vacuum gatherer. At the point when the Nova Expert finishes its cleaning cycle, it naturally gets back to the base, and the inward sack connects to discharge the gathered soil.

Mopping Feature:

 Indeed, it’s not only a vacuum! The Nova Pro has an inherent chamber for water, permitting it to wipe your floors. While it won’t handle dried grime, it’s ideal for keeping up with tidiness.

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iHome AutoVac Eclipse:

The iHome AutoVac Eclipse brags a reach highlights intended to make cleaning more productive and less involved. Here are a portion of its key elements:

Homemap Navigation: Ensures efficient cleaning by planning your home and cleaning column by line.

Powermop Scrub Enabled: A cleaning framework that vibrates at 2200 vibrations/min to handle obstinate spills.

App Controlled: Manage and schedule cleaning sessions through the iHome Clean app.

Voice Control: Viable with voice colleagues like Alexa and Google sans hand control.

2000Pa Suction Power: Powerful suction to handle fine dust, pet hair, and more.

2-in-1 Tank System: Allows for vacuuming and mopping simultaneously or separately.

HyperDrive Technology: Offers three power modes to adjust the cleaning intensity as needed.

Floor Detection: Naturally changes settings given the surface kind, reasonable for different floor materials including low heap cover, tile, wood, and overlay.

These features combine to provide a flexible and comprehensive cleaning experience, suitable for various home environments. They add to the convenience and effectiveness of the iHome AutoVac Eclipse, especially for homes with pets or different types of flooring.

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iHome AutoVac Luna (Renewed):

Features: Alexa capable, front laser navigation, customized cleaning, strong suction, and app control.


iHome AutoVac Halo:

Features: Robot vacuum and mop combo, automatic self-emptying dirt disposal base, Wi-Fi-connected smart mapping, lidar visual navigation technology, and app control.

iHome AutoVac Eclipse Pro (3-in-1):

Features: Alexa capable, auto-empty base, 2200pa strong suction, home map navigation, and Google & app control.

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ihome Robot Vacuum Replacement Parts

If you’re looking for replacement parts for your iHome robot vacuum, here are some options:


  • 11Pcs Replacement Parts for iHome AutoVac Nova Self Empty Robot Vacuum Cleaner:

Includes 1 main roller brush, 4 side brushes, 2 HEPA filters, 2 dust bags, and 2 mop pads

Accessories Kit for iHome AutoVac Eclipse iHRV1 / iHome AutoVac Eclipse G iHRV2

Contains 1 main roller brush, 4 side brushes, and 4 HEPA filters.

Dust Bags Replacement for iHome AutoVac Nova Self-Empty Robot Vacuum Cleaner:

Compatible with models like Nova Pro, Nova S1 Pro, Halo, Orbita Pro, Eclipse Pro, and Luna Pro.

Main Brush Cover Guard for iHome Autovac Nova Vacuum Cleaner:

Suitable for models iHRV6-blk, iHRV14, iHRV7, and iHRV16.

Remember to check each product page for additional buying options and details. You can find these replacement parts on Amazon or explore the iHome Clean website for more accessories.

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ihome robot vacuum reviews

We should investigate some iHome robot vacuum reviews to assist you with settling on an educated choice. The following are a couple of models alongside their evaluations and client input:

iHome AutoVac Nova Pro:

  • Rating: 3.8 stars out of 5 (based on 403 global ratings).
  • Features: LIDAR navigation, self-emptying, selective room cleaning, no-go zones, home mapping, 2700pa strong suction, and app control.

User Review: A phenomenal worth, solid, and successful at monitoring little child scraps. Interfaces well with Wi-Fi and handles everyday cleaning assignments.

iHome AutoVac Eclipse:

  • Rating: 3.4 stars out of 5 (based on 709 global ratings).
  • Features: Self-charging, wiping capability, 2000 Dad pull, application control, planning innovation.
  • User Review: A distinct advantage is that it fundamentally decreases dust. Careful cleaning, various settings, and simple to purge.
  • Smart features like Alexa integration and app control.

    iHome AutoVac Nova
    (General Review):

  • User Feedback: Clients love the strong pull and intensive cleaning given by the iHome AutoVac Nova. The application control and shrewd highlights upgrade convenience. In any case, a few clients noticed that the mop connection was excluded from the base bundle.

    Make sure to think about your particular requirements, for example, floor type, room size, and extra highlights, while picking an iHome robot vacuum.

ihome robot vacuum manual

Let’s find the iHome robot vacuum manual for you. Here are the manuals for a few iHome robot vacuum models:

iHome AutoVac Nova (Model iHRV4):

  • You can download the owner’s manual for the iHome AutoVac Nova (Model iHRV4) from this link.

            iHome AutoVac Juno (Model iHRV9):

  • The owner’s manual for the iHome AutoVac Juno (Model iHRV9) is available here.

            iHome AutoVac Nova S1 Pro (Model iHRVS1 Pro):

  • For the iHome AutoVac Nova S1 Pro (Model iHRVS1 Pro), you can refer to the owner’s manual here.

            iHome AutoVac Eclipse:

  • If you’re looking for the iHome AutoVac Eclipse manual, you can find it here.

Feel free to explore these manuals to get detailed information about setup, usage, maintenance, and troubleshooting for your specific iHome robot vacuum model.

ihome robot vacuum is not working

Suppose you’re facing problems with your iHome robot vacuum. Let’s troubleshoot the issue together:

Check Power and Charging:

  • Ensure that the robot vacuum is properly charged. Follow these steps:
  • Turn the robot vacuum ON by pressing and HOLDING the POWER button for3 to 5 seconds.
  • Place the vacuum 3 to 5 feet in front of the charging base.
  • Press and release the HOME button to send the vacuum to Auto-Charge.
  • The Home button will flash blue when charging and remain solid blue when fully charged.
  • If the battery is depleted, manually dock the vacuum on the charging base, ensuring proper alignment between the charging plates and ports.

           System Errors:

  • If the POWER on/off BUTTON is flashing RED, it indicates a SYSTEM ERROR.
  • Open the “iHome Clean” app, tap on the iHome AUTO VAC Juno, and check the Device Notifications(bell icon) for the error message.
  • Most system errors are related to maintenance issues.  Refer to instructional maintenance videos to keep your AUTO VAC functioning optimally.

          Network and App Setup:

  • Make sure your mobile device is connected to a 2.4GHz band frequency (the iHome AUTO VAC Juno is compatible only with 2.4GHz).
  • Check your router settings to ensure you’re connected to the correct frequency.

Follow the setup videos for iOS and Android to connect the iHome Clean app to your home network.

Wheels and Sensors:

  • Flip the vacuum over and inspect the wheels. Clear any tangled hair, charging cables, or debris lodged near the wheels.
  • Ensure the sensor is clear of debris, as it can affect movement.

If the issue persists, consider reaching out to iHome customer support for personalized assistance.

ihome robot vacuum troubleshooting

If you’re experiencing issues with your iHome robot vacuum, here are some troubleshooting steps you can follow:


Check the User Manual:

  • First, refer to the owner’s manual that came with your specific iHome robot vacuum model. It provides detailed instructions on setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting.
  • You can find the owner’s manual for the iHome AutoVac Juno (Model iHRV9)here.

             App-Based Troubleshooting:

  • Use the iHome Clean app associated with your robot vacuum. It allows you to monitor and control the vacuum remotely.
  • Open the app, select your robot model (e.g., Juno or Eclipse), and check for any error messages or notifications.
  • Most system errors are related to maintenance issues, and the app will provide guidance.

           Common Issues and Solutions:

  • Not Charging: Ensure that the charging dock is properly connected and the robot is correctly positioned on it. Clean the charging contacts if needed.
  • Poor Suction: Check if the dustbin is full or if any filters need cleaning or replacement.
  • Stuck or Not Moving: Clear any obstacles in the robot’s path and ensure the wheels are free from debris.
  • Error Codes: Refer to the manual for specific error codes and their meanings.


  • Regularly clean the main brushside brushes, and dustbin.
  • Replace filters (HEPA and screen filters) as recommended.
  • Keep sensors and wheels free from dirt and hair.

           Contact Support:

  • If the issue persists, visit the iHome Clean Support page for additional troubleshooting resources.
  • You can also reach out to iHome customer service for personalized assistance.

Remember that proper maintenance and following the manufacturer’s guidelines are essential for optimal performance. 



In conclusion, the iHome robot vacuum could be a decent choice for those not prepared to put resources into more expensive models. It offers powerful highlights and nice execution. However, potential purchasers ought to know about the possible issues with charging and unit usefulness.