Clorox Air Purifier For Home – An Overview In 2024

Clorox Air Purifier is intended to further develop indoor air quality by catching a high level of airborne particles and lessening the presence of infections and microscopic organisms. Clorox Air Purifier is a reasonable choice for those hoping to diminish allergens, residue, and smells in their living spaces. The accessibility of various models like the Huge Room and Medium Room air purifiers gives choices to different room sizes and needs.

Clorox Air Purifier Features

Here is an outline of its highlights:

Genuine HEPA Filtration: The Clorox Air Purifier is equipped with veritable HEPA filters that get 99.97% of allergens and particulates in just 0.1 microns.

3 Stage 360° filter: This system gets particulates in three filter layers, including a pre-filter for gigantic buildup particles and pet hair, a Genuine HEPA filter for additional humble allergens, and a working carbon filter to diminish smells.

Air Quality Observing: A PM2.5 sensor recognizes minute particles and constantly criticizes air quality. A variety-coded light shows six degrees of air quality, from green (great) to maroon (perilous).

Adaptable Paces: The air purifier offers four velocities, permitting clients to change the air care to their requirements, from low for evening time to high for fast cleaning.

Freely Tried: The purifiers have been autonomously tried to satisfy industry guidelines, guaranteeing dependable air cleansing execution.

These elements make Clorox Air Purifiers a reasonable choice for each home.

Clorox Air Purifier Reviews

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Here is a top-to-bottom review of Clorox Air Purifier models in view of different sources:

Clorox Large Room True HEPA Air Purifier (Model 11010):

Cost: $129 for the standard model, $166 for the Wi-Fi associated adaptation.

Room Size: Appropriate for rooms up to 1,500 square feet.

Highlights: Three-stage HEPA filtration framework, effective activity, and a variety of coded displays.

Execution: It has been accounted for to eliminate residue, scents, and allergens successfully. The programmed mode changes activity based on how much cleaning is needed.

Stars: Little size, reasonable, productive at cleaning the air.

Cons: No Wi-Fi or controller in the standard model, lower wind current contrasted with contenders, and channels are not modest.

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Clorox 11010 Large Room True HEPA Air Purifier

Clorox Air Purifier:

Filtration: Offers amazing particulate filtration and good VOC dispersal.

Activity: Calm with no remote or application control. The programmed mode doesn’t turn on for VOCs.

Upkeep: Channels are economical to supplant, costing about $100 each year.

Generally speaking, It’s viewed as an incredible incentive for its price tag, giving strong all-around execution.

General Input:

Clorox Air Purifiers are lauded for their 360° channel framework, which catches particles and allergens as small as 0.1 microns.

They are intended to further improve indoor air quality, making them a decent choice for those sensitive to residue and allergens.

These Reviews propose that the Clorox Air Purifier is a financially savvy solution for improving air quality, particularly in enormous rooms. They are valued for their HEPA filtration and, generally speaking, execution, in spite of a few lacking highlights like a Wi-Fi network in specific models.

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Clorox Air Purifier medium room

The Clorox  Medium Room True HEPA Air Purifier (Model: 11030) is intended for medium-sized rooms and offers a few elements to develop air quality further:

Genuine HEPA Filtration: Catches 99.97% of allergens and particulates as little as 0.1 microns.

3 Phase 360° Filter: Incorporates a pre-channel, Genuine HEPA Filter and a functioning carbon Filter to diminish smells.

Air Quality Checking: Elements a PM2.5 sensor for constant air quality input with a variety-coded light framework.

Auto Mode: Naturally changes the fan speed in light of changes in air quality identified by the sensor.

Value: The purifier is evaluated at $99.99, making it a reasonable choice for medium-sized rooms.

This model is reasonable for rooms up to 1,000 square feet and is intended to be productive and easy to understand. It emphasizes catching many airborne particles and lessening the presence of infections and microscopic organisms.

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Clorox Air Purifiers Filter replacement

Replacing the filter in your Clorox Air Purifier is a clear cycle. It is the very thing you want to be aware of filter substitution:

Filter Types: Clorox offers various filters for its different air purifier models, such as the Clorox Medium Room Genuine HEPA Substitution filter and the Clorox Large Room True HEPA Substitution Channel.

Filter Life: The filter normally lasts 6-12 months, depending on the air quality in your home.

Substitution Cycle: To supplant the filter, you’ll have to switch off and turn off the unit, eliminate the old filter, and supplement the upgraded one. A few models have a filter substitution pointer that will enlighten red to remind you to check as well as supplant the filter.

Cost: The expense of a substitution filter fluctuates by model, ranging from about $24.99 for the Tabletop model to $69.99 for the Ultra-Air Purifier model.

Keep in mind that normal filter substitution is significant to maintaining the proficiency and viability of your air purifier in catching allergens and particulates and lessening infections and microscopic organisms.

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Clorox Air Purifiers Manual

You can find the manual for the Clorox Air Purifier, including models like the 11010 and 11011, on the ManualsLib site. The manual gives nitty gritty directions on the parts and highlights, control board, use, cleaning, supplanting the air channel, associating with Alexa, and troubleshooting. 

Furthermore, for more data on the Clorox large Room true HEPA Air Purifier (Model: 11010), you can visit the Clorox Home Apparatuses site. On the off chance that you’re searching for manuals for different models, ManualsLib has a scope of client manuals for different Clorox Air Cleaner models


The end, in light of the data given about Clorox Air Purifiers, is that they are intended to further develop indoor air quality with highlights like Genuine HEPA filtration, which is powerful in catching airborne particles. These air purifiers additionally have savvy capacities, similar to Alexa, for helpful control. Clorox Air Purifiers are easy to use and effective in giving cleaner air in indoor conditions. Make sure to routinely check and supplant the air channels as prescribed to keep up with ideal execution..


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  • How does the Clorox large room air purifier work?

The Clorox Large Room Air Purifier, particularly the model 11010, utilizes a three-stage filtration interaction to cleanse the air:

Prefilter Stage: The unit’s fan attracts air from all bearings, going through a prefilter that catches enormous particles like residue and pet hair.

Genuine HEPA filter Stage: After the prefilter, the air is pushed through a Genuine HEPA filter. This filter really catches 99.97% of tiny particles, as little as 0.3 microns, including allergens and different particulates.

Dynamic Carbon Filter Stage: Finally, the air passes through a functioning carbon Filter, which decreases horrendous scents and maintains a crisp-smelling climate.

This thorough filtration framework guarantees that the air purifier can kill different airborne toxins, including dust, ash, scents, and allergens, giving cleaner air to the room it serves. Furthermore, it is applauded for its calm activity and proficient execution.

  • Does the Clorox large room air purifier have a HEPA filter?

Indeed, the Clorox Huge Room Air Purifier (Model: 11010) incorporates a True HEPA filter. This filter is equipped to catch 99.97% of airborne particles as little as 0.3 microns, which includes normal allergens, dust vermin, pet dander, dust, and a few microscopic organisms and infections. The presence of a True HEPA filter is a key element that adds to the purifier’s viability in further developing indoor air quality.

  • How often should I change the filter

For the Clorox  Large Room Air Purifier (Model: 11010), it is prescribed to check and possibly supplant the filter every 6 a year, contingent upon the air quality and utilization. In particular, following 4,380 hours of purpose (roughly a half year), the red filter light will enlighten as a suggestion to check the filter. Normal substitution of the channel guarantees the air purifier keeps on working actually and keeps up with clean indoor air quality